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How to get Customers From The Bleddy Internet as a cornish Business

even if you have no experience or have failed at Facebook ads, SEO or other strategies

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Hey, my name is Chris Fennell and I help Cornish businesses and entrepreneurs get more customers from the bleddy internet using proven effective digital marketing strategies.

No fluff or nonsesne - just straight down the line, we generate leads and customers with our transparent processes.

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What some of my previous clients say...

"I trust Chris with my entire being" - Ryan Collins, Video Editor with clients including Clickfunnels Russell Brunson
"Chris makes it so simple! I put $96 in and got $1400 in a week with the funnel" - Jude Dauphin, Entrepreneur
"Within 2 weeks closed $4500 up front client plus $1500 retainer" - Jamie Walters, Marketing Agency Owner
"3 months later we are at 5x the amount of money coming in" - Sam Guy & Rob Smaldon, Fitness Entrepreneurs

"40k in revenue from the template""

"First $9k day, 2 x $4500 clients paid"

"New brand, new funnel, £600 in ad spend"

"3 x $3k clients in a week"

"10k in a month from your template"

"$31k from $6100 ad spend"

"$19,600 in sales for February"

"$9000 in sales this week"

Some recent Advertising & Marketing results

Organic ecommerce sales - Fashion

Facebook Ads - Local Services 16.9x ROAS

Facebook Ads - Consumer Electronics ecommerce 7.4x ROAS

Facebook Ads - Fashion ecommerce 9.3x ROAS

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